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About Me

So I'm a really stressed-out girl from Kotka, Finland. I'm trying to relieve my stress by crafting. The story behind my stress is a company I owned - a craft company! But in making my hobby into a career I really screwed myself over. So now I'm trying to just do things for the love of doing them, and not just because I would like to earn some money. I have now started school again, I'm working towards becoming an electrician! It's all about doing things with your hands also, but in a different way. And who knows? Maybe I'll be able to fix my own sewing machine some day! :)

What I really love to do is: sewing, drawing, embroidery, cooking, reading and painting. And not always in that order! But I do suffer from the fear of the blank page and have been known to hoard some fabrics and being afraid to make the cut, in the fear of ruining the fabric.. Yes, I think we all know how that is!

So come on up and let's be friends! I'd like that!

You can find my videos on YouTube and my pictures on Instagram