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About Me

Welcome all you beautiful people! I am Laura and I love crafts. I make crafty videos on YouTube and keep a blog here on I'm interested in life long learning, and love trying out new techniques when making crafts. I also have a very small shop here, but don't feel like you HAVE to buy anything! I'm good, I actually do have a day job ;) And there are a few freebies on here as well, like the VKA-kissing army-embroidery, which I feel cannot be owned! 

What I really love to do is: sewing, drawing, embroidery, cooking, reading and painting. And not always in that order! But I do suffer from the fear of the blank page and have been known to hoard some fabrics and being afraid to make the cut, in the fear of ruining the fabric.. Yes, I think we all know how that is!

So come on up and let's be friends! I'd like that!

You can find my videos on YouTube and my pictures on Instagram